2007-07-11 10:57:19

by Ph. Marek

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Subject: Ext4 online resizing

Hello everybody,

sorry for this question if it has been asked before; I couldn't find
information about this.

Please keep me CC'ed - I'm not subscribed. Thank you.

Ext2/3 have ext2resize/resize2fs, ext2prepare and ext3online for resizing.
But they don't work for ext4.

Here's a sample output for a 64MB loopback-mounted file:
# ext2online -C -f -d tst
ext2online v1.1.19 - 2001/03/18 for EXT2FS 0.5b
setting itoffset to +259
Found 255 blocks in s_reserved_gdt_blocks

8 old groups, 1 blocks
32 new groups, 1 blocks
ext2_ioctl: EXTEND group to 65537 blocks

using itoffset of 259
new block bitmap is at 0x10001
new inode bitmap is at 0x10002
new inode table is at 0x10104-0x10203
new group has 7934 free blocks
new group has 2048 free inodes (256 blocks)
ext2_ioctl: ADD group 8
ext2online: ext2_ioctl: Inappropriate ioctl for device

ext2online: unable to resize /tmp/tst

That this doesn't work could be caused by my old ext2online version;
# ext2online -V
ext2online v1.1.19 - 2001/03/18 for EXT2FS 0.5b
but what makes me wonder is that the sf project
http://ext2resize.sourceforge.net/download.html still lists 1.19 as current.
Should that work for ext4 too?

# cat /proc/version
Linux version 2.6.22-rc5-686 (Debian 2.6.22~rc5-1~experimental.1)
([email protected]) (gcc version 4.1.3 20070601 (prerelease) (Debian
4.1.2-12)) #1 SMP Wed Jun 27 22:21:14 UTC 2007

There's a resize.c in the ext4 directory
so I'd thought that it should include that functionality.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for all answers.