2007-09-20 12:29:43

by Jan Kara

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Subject: Ext3 not marking filesystems as with errors


one friend has just pointed me to a following misbehaviour of ext3. If we
stumble on some error in JBD (e.g. in commit code), we call
__journal_abort_hard(). It just marks the journal as aborted but does
nothing else. Later ext3 comes, finds journal aborted, calls ext3_abort()
which remounts fs read-only and stops (it does not mark filesystem as
having errors). It calls journal_abort(.., -EIO) but that does nothing
because the journal is already aborted. If you then unmount the filesystem
and mount it again, everything goes on happily as if there was no error -
no suggestion for running fsck, nothing.
I guess this is a bug but please correct me if you don't think so. There
are two possibilities how to fix it - either we mark the filesystem as with
errors in ext3_abort() or we could call some less lowlevel function from
JBD to abort journal (as soon as j_errno is set, we are safe). Any feeling
what is less hacky?


Jan Kara <[email protected]>