2007-12-15 17:54:10

by Marcel Partap

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Subject: recover file reset to 0 size?

Dear ext4 developers,
I have a small problem here on a partition mounted as ext4dev and thought there might be a slight
chance you can help me out. I recorded a movie from UDP DVB stream into a file with VLC.. then at
some point after I switched the channel and made VLC reconnect, but forgot it was in dump stream
mode. I instantly killed the darn thing and looked at the file but it was too late, 0 Bytes.
So from what I understand about this extents stuff, the first inode had its extents reset from 18Gig
to 0. If so, is there a way I could probably undo that? The file should be completly unfragmented as
there was more than 100Gig left and I had no other writes to that partition at that time.. It was a
rare movie and there is no scheduled repetition so I would be thankful if someone had an idea.
regards, marcel