2008-07-09 03:09:56

by Theodore Ts'o

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Subject: New ext4 patchset 2.6.26-rc9-ext4-1

As a git tree:

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tytso/ext4.git 2.6.26-rc9-ext4-1

As a patchset:


Patches marked with a (*) are planned to be pushed to Linus during the
next merge window. Patches with an (+) have changed since the
2.6.26-rc8-ext4-1 snapshot.

- Ted

Akinobu Mita (1):
* ext4: fix ext4_init_block_bitmap() for metablock block group

Akira Fujita (7):
ext4: online defrag-- Main function of defrag and ioctl implementation
ext4: online defrag-- Allocate new contiguous blocks with mballoc
ext4: online defrag-- Read and write file data with memory page
ext4: online defrag-- Exchange the blocks between two inodes
ext4: online defrag-- Defragmentation for the relevant files (-r mode)
ext4: online defrag-- Check the free space fragmentation (-f mode)
ext4: online defrag-- Move victim files for the target file (-f mode)

Alex Tomas (2):
+* vfs: add hooks for ext4's delayed allocation support
+* ext4: Add delayed allocation support in data=writeback mode

Alexey Dobriyan (1):
* ext4: switch to seq_files

Aneesh Kumar K.V (13):
+* ext4: Fix mb_find_next_bit not to return larger than max
* ext4: start searching for the right extent from the goal group.
* ext4: Update i_disksize properly when allocating from fallocate area.
* ext4: Fix sparse warning
* ext4: Use inode preallocation with -o noextents
* ext4: cleanup block allocator
* ext4: Use page_mkwrite vma_operations to get mmap write notification.
* mm: Add range_cont mode for writeback
* ext4: Add ordered mode support for delalloc
+* ext4: Handle page without buffers in ext4_*_writepage()
* ext4: Enable delalloc by default.
* ext4: Don't allow nonextenst mount option for large filesystem
ext4: undo the stable boundary patch changes

Duane Griffin (3):
* ext4: handle corrupted orphan list at mount
* ext4: handle deleting corrupted indirect blocks
* ext4: validate directory entry data before use

Eric Sandeen (5):
* ext4: call blkdev_issue_flush on fsync
* ext4: use atomic functions to set bh_state
+* ext4: do not set extents feature from the kernel
vfs: vfs-level fiemap interface
ext4: reinstate ext4_ext_walk_space()
ext4: fiemap implementation

Frederic Bohe (1):
* ext4: fix online resize with mballoc

Girish Shilamkar (1):
+* Ext4: fix invalid block number magic for >16 TB fs

Jan Kara (8):
* ext4: Set journal pointer to NULL when journal is released
* vfs: Move mark_inode_dirty() from under page lock in generic_write_end()
* ext4: Invert the locking order of page_lock and transaction start
* ext4: Fix lock inversion in ext4_ext_truncate()
* vfs: export filemap_fdatawrite_range()
* jbd2: Implement data=ordered mode handling via inodes
* ext4: Use new framework for data=ordered mode in JBD2
* jbd2: Remove data=ordered mode support using jbd buffer heads

Jose R. Santos (2):
* ext4: New inode allocation for FLEX_BG meta-data groups.
* ext4: Documentation updates.

Julia Lawall (1):
* ext4: Use BUG_ON() instead of BUG()

Li Zefan (3):
* ext4: remove redundant code in ext4_fill_super()
* ext4: cleanup never-used magic numbers from htree code
+* ext4: fix build failure if DX_DEBUG is enabled

Mingming Cao (9):
* ext4: Fix ext4_mb_init_cache return error
* jbd2: fix race between jbd2_journal_try_to_free_buffers() and jbd2 commit transaction
* ext4: mballoc avoid use root reserved blocks for non root allocation
* percpu_counter: new function percpu_counter_sum_and_set
* ext4: delayed allocation ENOSPC handling
+* ext4: Invert lock ordering of page_lock and transaction start in delalloc
* ext4: fix delalloc i_disksize early update issue
+* ext4: delayed allocation i_blocks fix for stat
* ext4: Documention update for new ordered mode and delayed allocation

Shen Feng (9):
* ext4: fix comments to say "ext4"
* ext4: improve some code in rb tree part of dir.c
* ext4: add error processing when calling ext4_mb_init_cache in mballoc
* ext4: miscellaneous error checks and coding cleanups for mballoc
* ext4: remove double definitions of xattr macros
* ext4: remove quota allocation when ext4_mb_new_blocks fails
* ext4: return error when calling ext4_ext_split failed
* ext4: Make ext4_ext_find_extent fills ext_path completely
* ext4: Fix ext4_ext_journal_restart() to reflect errors up to the caller

Theodore Ts'o (4):
* ext4: Rename read_block_bitmap() to ext4_read_block_bitmap()
* ext4: Remove unused variable from ext4_show_options
* jbd2: Add commit time into the commit block
ext4: Stable/Unstable boundary