2009-01-18 00:24:39

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Subject: [Bug 11688] Oops while writing on a newly ext4 formated 1TB partition on a external USB drive


------- Comment #3 from [email protected] 2009-01-17 16:24 -------
Hi, any more information about this bug? How much memory do you have?

What ext3 filesystems do you have mounted? The oops is in ext3 code:

handle_t *journal_start(journal_t *journal, int nblocks)
handle_t *handle = journal_current_handle();
int err;

if (!journal)
return ERR_PTR(-EROFS);

if (handle) {
J_ASSERT(handle->h_transaction->t_journal == journal); <----
return handle;

It seems to be related ext3's quota code -- and again it seems to be related to
an attempt to free memory when the system is under memory pressure. This looks
very much like a quota and/or ext3 bug.

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