2009-09-12 10:43:41

by François Valenduc

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Subject: EXT4 and selinux

Hello everybody,

I am using Gentoo and I have recently swicth my SElinux install from
ext3 to ext4 and after
having changed the rlpkq script to also relabel ext4 filesystems, I get
the following errors:
/usr/sbin/setfiles set context
/usr/sbin/setfilecon->system_u:object_r:bin_t failed:'Operation not

I have enabled Ext4 Security labels and extended attributes in the
kernel configuration and I am using kernel 2.6.31.However, After having
looked in dmesg, I find lines like this one when an ext4
partition is mounted:
SELinux: initialized (dev dm-4, type ext4), not configured for labeling

Does anybody know a solution to this problem ?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Fran?ois Valenduc