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Subject: [Bug 14830] When other IO is running sync times go to 10 to 20 minutes


--- Comment #6 from Michael Godfrey <[email protected]> 2010-01-19 21:56:12 ---
>So the first thing I notice is the fact that you have the nodelalloc mount
>option enabled. Any particular reason why you did that?

This was required due to an error in 2.6.30. It is possible that
it is no longer needed. I will check.

It is not really feasible to revert to ext3 other than going back to
RHEL5 which is what has been done. One of the main purposes of using
FC11 was ext4. fsck under ext3 is about 8 hours, under ext4 about
9 minutes. And, ext4 has other well-advertised advantages.

>Another thing to try is to do some instrumentation using iostat to see what the
>system is doing, before, during, and after the sync command.

I have tried this to some extent. It is not too easy when response
is extremely slow.

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