2021-07-27 06:22:53

by Andreas Dilger

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Subject: Re: bug with large_dir in 5.12.17

On Jul 22, 2021, at 8:23 AM, Carlos Carvalho <[email protected]> wrote:
> There is a bug when enabling large_dir in 5.12.17. I got this during a backup:
> index full, reach max htree level :2
> Large directory feature is not enabled on this filesystem
> So I unmounted, ran tune2fs -O large_dir /dev/device and mounted again. However
> this error appeared:
> dx_probe:864: inode #576594294: block 144245: comm rsync: directory leaf block found instead of index block
> I unmounted, ran fsck and it "salvaged" a bunch of directories. However at the
> next backup run the same errors appeared again.
> This is with vanilla 5.2.17.

Hi Carlos,
are you able to reproduce this error on a new directory that did not hit
the 2-level htree limit before enabling large_dir, or did you only see this
with directories that hit the 2-level htree limit before the update?
Did you test on any newer kernels than 5.2.17?

Cheers, Andreas

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