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Subject: [Bug 216317] "ext4: lblock 0 mapped to illegal pblock" after upgrading to 5.19.0


--- Comment #2 from David Korth ([email protected]) ---
After doing some searching, it looks like this commit may fix the issue:


ext4: fix reading leftover inlined symlinks
Since commit 6493792d3299 ("ext4: convert symlink external data block
mapping to bdev"), create new symlink with inline_data is not supported,
but it missing to handle the leftover inlined symlinks, which could
cause below error message and fail to read symlink.

ls: cannot read symbolic link 'foo': Structure needs cleaning

EXT4-fs error (device sda): ext4_map_blocks:605: inode #12: block
2021161080: comm ls: lblock 0 mapped to illegal pblock 2021161080
(length 1)

Fix this regression by adding ext4_read_inline_link(), which read the
inline data directly and convert it through a kmalloced buffer.

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