2013-02-18 19:14:40

by Xose Vazquez Perez

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Subject: Re: Linksys AE3000

Mario Vietri wrote:

> I run an up-to-date ArchLinux system on a Toshiba Portege
> R600. I own a Linksys AE3000 (0x13b1:0x003b) usb wifi adapter,
> with driver downloaded from WikiDevi as per their AE3000 page,
> with the usual modifications.

Linksys AE3000 brings a RT3593 chip.
And still there is no support for any Ralink/Mediatek 3T3R chip
in the rt2800{usb,pci} kernel drivers.

The only think you can do is try latest driver from mediatek:
(unsupported by linux-wireless/rt2x00 mailing lists)