2013-02-10 09:24:02

by Andy Spencer

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Subject: B43 disconnects with high power APs

Hi, I've been using the b43 driver and have been getting frequent
disconnects while using WPA.

I noticed that this seems related to the "Power Setting" on my 2Wire
router. When the power is set to full (400 mW) I get disconnected every
few seconds. If I lower power setting to 50 mW I can stay connected for
days at a time. I also noticed that if I am near the router I get
disconnected more often than if I am farther away or in a different

This seems to be quite the opposite of what I would expect. Can anyone
think of a reason that a *better* signal would lead to more disconnects,
or if there's anything I can do about it? With my home router I can just
lower the transmit power setting and it works fine, but I can't do that
when I am traveling or connected to someone else's access point.

For reference:
Wireless chip: BCM4331
Kernel version: 3.7.0
wpa_supplicant: 0.7.3 and 2.0 (I tested both)
b43 firmware: 5.100.138
b43-fwcutter: 017
b43 options: tested with nohwcrypt=0/1 and qos=0/1