2013-02-25 22:17:50

by Adrian Chadd

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Subject: Re: [ath9k-devel] [RFT] ath9k_htc - please test new images

On 23 February 2013 21:57, Roman Elshin <[email protected]> wrote:
> AP mode with kernel-3.0.66 and TL-WN821N,
> htc_7010.fw works but data speed is very low ~100kb/s (version from
> 20121128 works fine here).


Please try this:


* I've left the version number at 1.3, so you don't need to modify
your firmware version in ath9k_htc;
* Felix and I have fixed up the rate table handling again so it should
be using the correct rate configuration (and thus performance should
be back to normal)

Please let me know if this works better.