2013-02-25 16:47:19

by Jonathan Bagg

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Subject: RE: AR9374 Rev 1.3/RevB USB Linux drivers?


I am moving data on the AR9374-4L3E (hw1.3) in 2.6.35 on an arm using
compat-wireless 3.8-1 up to MCS 7 rate, 40Mhz. (I haven't figured out how
to get the MIMO to work yet - I think the AR9374 goes to MCS 15?)


>Hello Kalle
>We're using Ubuntu 10.04 with Kernel 2.6.32
>We got the open source driver from QCA via their support portal -
>Rev B is the correct chip designation for the AR9374 silicon (that is the
>same as hw1.3) - so AR9374-BL3D is the full chip number
>We're getting mixed messages about support for this version in the open