2013-03-08 23:32:57

by Adrian Chadd

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Subject: [Announce] open ath9k firmware


I hate fanfare.

You can all thank Luis Rodriguez for his ridiculously long and hard
fighting to get this stuff pushed through the grinder to make this

There's also been a hard working team of developers behind the scene -
Felix Fietkau, Eugene Krasnikov, Sujith Manoharan, and the team from
Cozybit. They've been working hard to get the codebase converted over
to using the open source tensilica toolchain and finding/fixing up any
silly issues that may creep up from that.

I've just been involved in shepharding this stuff into a sensible
shape and pushing it through the final stage (legal review) before

You can find it here:


There's a bunch of sorely needed work to do in the short term:

* felix has a replacement cmake build system that I'd like to now integrate;
* there's lots of build warnings which need to be removed (and then
build this thing using -Wall -Werror);
* some general code cleanup and documentation wouldn't be rejected -
but I don't really want any sweeping code changes to go in until we've
tidied up the build warnings and validated that the image(s) work

I plan on doing some test builds shortly. I plan on bumping the
firmware to 1.4 once felix's cmake system is in place and people have
validated that this work.s