2013-03-18 18:44:38

by vishnu

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Subject: Re: problem connecting to AP on new kernel (disassociating continuously after associating ) . Can some one please comment on the issue I am facing

Larry Finger <[email protected]> writes:

> On 03/18/2013 01:20 PM, vishnu wrote:
> >
> > Hello Jussi,
> >
> > I have applied the patch to kernel 3.7.8 and it doesn't fix my issue. I have
> > started testing the latest 3.9.0-rc2 version. I will let you know once I
> > tested.
> Please be aware that the patch is not in 3.9-rc2 from Linus's git tree (yet),
> but it is in the wireless-testing git repo.
> Larry
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Hello Larry,

I have pulled it from wireless-testing git repository only. Will update once I
have done the testing.