2013-04-08 18:39:22

by Adrian Chadd

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Subject: Re: [ath9k-devel] AR9287 ; 2-wire coexistence expected behavior

yes, there's GPIO MUX modes for:

* RX clear (but I think this "Wlan active" pin is likely triggering on
RX_CLEAR, which I think gets asserted for both TX and RX busy. I'll
have to check.
* TX active

Check the GPIO MUX pin definitions to see.

But if I understand this right, if you have the correct btcoex setup
and GPIO pins working, then stomping traffic will stomp both TX and


2013-04-09 23:00:40

by Adrian Chadd

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Subject: Re: [ath9k-devel] AR9287 ; 2-wire coexistence expected behavior


Yes, "WLAN_ACTIVE" here is just both TX and RX activity.

So if it were working, that would stay low.


2014-03-31 14:42:25

by sandeep suresh

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Subject: Impact of migration from compat wireless to backports

Hello Mr.Adrian, Mr.Sujith & others,
We have been asked to migrate from Compat wireless 3.1.1 to backports. When i took the differences with the latest version (3.13.2 backports) and compat wireless 3.1.1, there were huge differences in files. From AR9287 BT Wifi 2/3 wire coexistence are there any differences in migrating to backports as I might need to restart from scratch all the efforts?
Please share if any of you had any issues.
Thanks & regards

2014-04-04 01:55:42

by sandeep suresh

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Subject: Wifi client Bluetooth coexistence; non smooth video streams

Dear all,
Please help if any one have encountered simillar problems or other guidance on this, Please.

The following is my set-up:
Linksys Access point. Cisco 802.11g camera connected as a wifi client to Linksys. I have a development board in which i have AR9287 as the Wifi chipset associated as wifi client to linksys. The development board has Bluetooth dongle for streaming audio etc. The development board has a LCD display and I stream the video stream from camera at 640 x 480 resolution, MPEG-4, 10fps (also tried with 15, 30 fps).

Software: For the Wifi client on the development board, I am using the ath9k driver with btcoex_enable=1.
2-wire coexistence. I am allowing 40% of the time for Bluetooth an 60% of the time for WiFi. The period is around 200ms.

1. The video streams are not smooth. There will be a small pause of a second or two between frames and hence we do not see smooth transitions.
2. Sometimes it looks like, the streams are bufferred and played back at a rapid pace. So, one can see like a fast forward play of video streams on the board.
3. Disabling coexistence does not have these observations.
Please help.