2013-04-06 19:08:45

by Ricardo

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Subject: Re: [ath5k][802.11p] Deactivate beacon

I am now working with the GCDC v3 branch software and, after compiling it, I
found that you still have to do some hacks on that code for it to work
properly. I have made a couple of patches and, with that, I have achieved the

1) Full ITS band support (channels 176-184 @5.8-5.9 GHz).
2) iw tool modified for setting the beacon interval.
3) airemon-ng and aircrack utils support for the ITS band channels (by
default, they do not support any channel above 120).

Currently, I am working on the following issues:

1) Packet injection support through 'aireplay-ng' by patching ath5k with the
patches that I found on their website.
2) Bandwidth selection instead of turbo mode selection. For this, I am based
my patch on the following patch submitted previously to the linux-networking
group: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.kernel.wireless.general/59932

I am testing all this and I have a network analyzer up to 6 GHz, so I can
fully verified the integrity of the signal generated.

I would appreciate that anybody can provide me any support on these tasks.

2013-04-06 19:26:00

by Adrian Chadd

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Subject: Re: [ath5k][802.11p] Deactivate beacon

.. has anyone figured out the licencing requirements/restrictions for
this stuff?