2013-05-22 17:30:08

by John W. Linville

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Subject: Linux wireless summit, 19-20 September 2013 in New Orleans!

Announcement...there will be a Linux wireless networking mini-summit
event coming soon. It will be on 19-20 September in New Orleans,
just after LinuxCon North America and concurrent with the Linux
Plumbers Conference.

Attendees of the wireless mini-summit must also register for
either LinuxCon North America or for Linux Plumbers Conference.
More information is available here:


Please notice that the above is a wiki -- please add your name to
the bottom of the page if you intend to participate in the wireless
summit event. As the event draws nearer, we will hash-out the
discussion topics and the agenda for the event on that wiki. If you
have suggestions or want other changes, please make them and/or let
us know here.

I hope to see you in New Orleans!

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