2013-05-21 14:33:36

by Adrian Chadd

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Subject: Re: [ath9k-devel] AR9287 ; 2-wire coexistence expected behavior


On 20 May 2013 23:40, sandeep suresh <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hello Mr.Adrian,
> Greetings! I resumed my experiments with 2-wire co-existence with AR9287
> in WiFi AP mode.
> I was able to see that WLAN_STATUS signal being suppressed when BT_ACTIVE is
> enabled. I used a 100ms On and 100ms Off (Period = 200ms; 50% dc) for
> BT_ACTIVE. Just want to confirm the following before ensuring that I am
> seeing the expected behavior:
Cool! Can you share some code and register settings to enable this?

> 1. As I am running the WiFi AP with co-existence, other WiFi clients are
> connected to my AP. by means of diagnsosis (I have enabled diagnosis with
> modprobe ath9k btcoex_enabled=1 diag=0xffffffff), how can I find out if any
> WiFi clients are loosing connection and re-connecting back to AP.

I think you should enable hostapd logging. That will log the MLME events.

> 2. How can I come to know if any of the beacons in WiFi AP mode are getting
> missed? Diagnosis messages that I can look at.

You can look for missed beacon transmit events. That should tell you
if you're missing beacon transmission at all.

> 3. As diagnosis is enabled I see the following....is this a concern as there
> is disable and enable of IER?
> <7>ath: disable IER
> <7>ath: AR_IMR 0x918104b0 IER 0x1
> <7>ath: tx queue 2 (4bfc09c4), link ffde09c4
> <7>ath: enable IER
> <7>ath: Enable TXE on queue: 2
> <7>ath: disable IER
> <7>ath: AR_IMR 0x918104b0 IER 0x1

That's fine. That's what ath9k does with interrupts. :-)

> 4. How can I come to know if the ath9k drivers are getting reset and
> reinitializing?

There's a hw reset routine that gets called. You can just look for the
logging from that, or add a printk() yourself.