2013-06-14 18:38:38

by George Nychis

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Subject: equivalent of AR_DIAG_FORCE_RX_CLEAR on rt2x00?

Hi all,

I have carrier sense (both physical and virtual) disabled on an
ath9k_htc card using AR_DIAG_FORCE_RX_CLEAR and
AR_DIAG_IGNORE_VIRT_CS. I was hoping to do the same thing with the

I scoured through rt2800.h but didn't see any relevant registers. It
also seems like the rt2x00 datasheets are private. The only thing I
can find is access to CWmin/CWmax, which might be able to give me
similar behavior (but, probably not if it behaves like the Atheros
cards). RX_BUSY seems to only be relevant for counting channel busy

If anyone knows of anything, I'd appreciate it!