2013-06-13 17:24:34

by Ben Greear

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Subject: Question on rcu_access_pointer, rcu_assign_pointer and locking.


I'm trying to better understand some code in net/mac80211/scan.c in order
to track down some memory leaks reported by kmemleak.

My question boils down to this. Assume we have code similar to this:

old = rcu_access_pointer(found->pub.beacon_ies);
rcu_assign_pointer(found->pub.beacon_ies, tmp->pub.beacon_ies);
if (old)
kfree_rcu((struct cfg80211_bss_ies *)old, rcu_head);

Would it be possible to somehow leak what is assigned to found->pub.beacon_ies,
perhaps because two threads managed to go through this
code within a single RCU period?

I think that if the rcu_assign_pointer logic wasn't 'published'
before a second thread came through this logic it could cause
this leakage?

The actual code I'm curious about is in net/mac80211/scan.c, in
the cfg80211_bss_update method.


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