2013-06-24 05:02:17

by Jahnavi Meher

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Subject: Help regarding the initialization of MAC80211 layer

I am new to the linux wireless subsystem and I am trying to bring
register MAC80211 with a HAL. I have started with the monitor mode and
am using FC 16, kernel version 3.5.4. I am registering the callbacks to
the driver through the function ieee80211_alloc_hw(). I am getting a
kernel crash here, on checking the crash log the crash is from the
mac80211.ko at main.c, line number 583(BUG_ON(!ops->stop)) which says
that there is no valid "stop" callback. The crash log says: "invalid
opcode: 0000 [#1] SMP ". I have a GPL and a NON-GPL module and in the
stop callback, I am calling a function from the NON-GPL module. I have
checked my Module.symvers and the function is present there. Any help in
this regard would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Jahnavi Meher