2013-06-19 00:28:02

by Ben Greear

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Subject: Association status 5 from Netgear

I'm seeing association status code 5 coming from an over-loaded

I'm guessing that the AP is buggy and is trying to use a reason-code for
a status-code?

A reason-code of 5 would make sense here:
"Disassociated because AP is unable to handle all currently associated STAs"

(per 802.11-2012, pages 442, 445)

# grep sta325 /tmp/iwlog.txt
sta325 (phy #3): scan started
sta325: new station c4:3d:c7:af:3c:7c
sta325 (phy #3): scan finished: 5745, ""
sta325 (phy #3): auth c4:3d:c7:af:3c:7c -> 00:1d:ea:be:ef:7c status: 0: Successful
sta325: del station c4:3d:c7:af:3c:7c
sta325 (phy #3): assoc c4:3d:c7:af:3c:7c -> 00:1d:ea:be:ef:7c status: 5: <unknown>
sta325 (phy #3): failed to connect to c4:3d:c7:af:3c:7c, status: 5: <unknown>


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