2013-06-18 16:48:15

by Ignacy Gawedzki

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Subject: ath9k_htc: station unable to authenticate


After a lot of git-bisecting and other testing, it appears that commit
382a103b2b528a3085cde4ac56fc69d92a828b72 is the culprit.

To reproduce the problem, use backports-20130607, and the ath9k defconfig
(with no change otherwise).

The station is unable to authenticate with WPA2 to the AP. Interestingly
enough, if a monitor vif is created and upped beforehand, the authentication

After reverting the commit, authentication succeeds very quickly (without the
need to up a monitor vif), just as expected.

Note that I have kernel 3.8.0 (as per Ubuntu 13.04) and that original
ath9k_htc driver works as expected. This has been also tested on Debian with
driver from original kernel 3.9 (i.e. without backports).

For the moment I can live with the commit reverted, but I suppose it's been
there to fix something else, so this should probably be looked into by someone
more knowledgeable than me.


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