2021-07-08 21:00:48

by Wil

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Subject: Issue: AX210 only works with old iwlwifi version 59.601f3a66.0

This is my first time trying to submit a bug with kernel packages so
please correct me and whatnot.

I am using an AX210 wifi chip and the only kernel that works with this
wifi card is version linux 5.11.10, because it comes with iwlwifi
59.601f3a66.0. The newer kernel versions like 5.12.9, come with
iwlwifi 62.49eeb572.0 and the wifi interface never comes up. I am not
sure what changed in the newer versions...

Attached as wifi_not_working.txt is the dmesg log for kernel 5.12.9
with iwlwifi 62.49eeb572.0. Attached as wifi_working.txt is the dmesg
from kernel 5.11.10 and iwlwifi 59.601f3a66.0.

I noticed this immediately, when the kernel went past 5.11.10 but I
have never tried to submit an issue to kernel modules.

Please let me know if this is the wrong way to submit issues.
- William

wifi_working.txt (3.42 kB)
wifi_not_working.txt (8.21 kB)
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