2023-01-20 19:26:19

by Larry Finger

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Subject: [PATCH V2] staging: r8188eu: Fix some endian problems

Sparse lists the following warnings:

CHECK drivers/staging/r8188eu/core/rtw_mlme.c
drivers/staging/r8188eu/core/rtw_mlme.c:1197:49: warning: incorrect type in
argument 2 (different base types)
drivers/staging/r8188eu/core/rtw_mlme.c:1197:49: expected restricted
__le16 [usertype] mstatus_rpt
drivers/staging/r8188eu/core/rtw_mlme.c:1197:49: got unsigned short
[assigned] [usertype] media_status_rpt
drivers/staging/r8188eu/core/rtw_mlme.c:1275:57: warning: incorrect type in
argument 2 (different base types)
drivers/staging/r8188eu/core/rtw_mlme.c:1275:57: expected restricted
__le16 [usertype] mstatus_rpt
drivers/staging/r8188eu/core/rtw_mlme.c:1275:57: got unsigned short
[assigned] [usertype] media_status
CHECK drivers/staging/r8188eu/core/rtw_mlme_ext.c
drivers/staging/r8188eu/core/rtw_mlme_ext.c:6842:58: warning: incorrect type
in argument 2 (different base types)
drivers/staging/r8188eu/core/rtw_mlme_ext.c:6842:58: expected restricted
__le16 [usertype] mstatus_rpt
drivers/staging/r8188eu/core/rtw_mlme_ext.c:6842:58: got unsigned short
[assigned] [usertype] media_status

The second argument of rtl8188e_set_FwMediaStatus_cmd() needs to be in CPU
order, not little-endian; however, when it uses that value to call
FillH2CCmd_88E() the parameter must be in little-endian order as that
value will be sent to the firmware. Note that the conversion from LE to CPU
order was le16_to_cpu() rather than the correct cpu_to_le16.

The definition of FillH2CCmd_88E() is revised, and the proper conversion
routine is used.

Note that the original code performed one byte swap on the secong argument
of FillH2CCmd_88E(), and got the correct answer even though the semantics
were very wrong.

Tested-by: Philipp Hortmann <[email protected]> # Edimax N150
Reviewed-by: Dan Carpenter <[email protected]>
Reported-by: Gaurav Pathak <[email protected]>
Signed-off-by: Larry Finger <[email protected]>
v1 -> v2: Fixed typo in the Reported line.

I intended this patch as an example for Gaurav, but as it has not been
resubmitted, I am sending it to you. If you thing he deserves to be the
author, then please edit the patch before applying. Thanks, Larry

drivers/staging/r8188eu/hal/rtl8188e_cmd.c | 4 ++--
drivers/staging/r8188eu/include/rtl8188e_cmd.h | 2 +-
2 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/staging/r8188eu/hal/rtl8188e_cmd.c b/drivers/staging/r8188eu/hal/rtl8188e_cmd.c
index 8310d7f53982..788904d4655c 100644
--- a/drivers/staging/r8188eu/hal/rtl8188e_cmd.c
+++ b/drivers/staging/r8188eu/hal/rtl8188e_cmd.c
@@ -193,9 +193,9 @@ void rtl8188e_set_FwPwrMode_cmd(struct adapter *adapt, u8 Mode)


-void rtl8188e_set_FwMediaStatus_cmd(struct adapter *adapt, __le16 mstatus_rpt)
+void rtl8188e_set_FwMediaStatus_cmd(struct adapter *adapt, u16 mstatus_rpt)
- u16 mst_rpt = le16_to_cpu(mstatus_rpt);
+ __le16 mst_rpt = cpu_to_le16(mstatus_rpt);

FillH2CCmd_88E(adapt, H2C_COM_MEDIA_STATUS_RPT, sizeof(mst_rpt), (u8 *)&mst_rpt);
diff --git a/drivers/staging/r8188eu/include/rtl8188e_cmd.h b/drivers/staging/r8188eu/include/rtl8188e_cmd.h
index 1e01c1662f9a..c785cf8ed683 100644
--- a/drivers/staging/r8188eu/include/rtl8188e_cmd.h
+++ b/drivers/staging/r8188eu/include/rtl8188e_cmd.h
@@ -85,6 +85,6 @@ void rtl8188e_Add_RateATid(struct adapter *padapter, u32 bitmap, u8 arg,
void rtl8188e_set_p2p_ps_offload_cmd(struct adapter *adapt, u8 p2p_ps_state);

void CheckFwRsvdPageContent(struct adapter *adapt);
-void rtl8188e_set_FwMediaStatus_cmd(struct adapter *adapt, __le16 mstatus_rpt);
+void rtl8188e_set_FwMediaStatus_cmd(struct adapter *adapt, u16 mstatus_rpt);

#endif/* __RTL8188E_CMD_H__ */