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2023-01-22 10:58:48 linux-kernel [tip: x86/urgent] x86/build: Move '-mindirect-branch-cs-prefix' out of GCC-only block
2023-01-21 16:02:16 linux-kernel [tip: x86/microcode] x86/microcode/intel: Pass the microcode revision to print_ucode_info() directly
2023-01-21 15:29:26 linux-kernel [tip: x86/microcode] x86/microcode: Check CPU capabilities after late microcode update correctly
2023-01-21 15:12:05 linux-kernel [tip: x86/microcode] x86/microcode: Add a parameter to microcode_check() to store CPU capabilities
2023-01-21 14:59:29 linux-kernel [tip: x86/microcode] x86/microcode/intel: Print old and new revision during early boot
2023-01-21 14:58:33 linux-kernel [tip: x86/microcode] x86/microcode: Adjust late loading result reporting message
2023-01-21 10:13:38 linux-kernel [tip: objtool/core] objtool: Check that module init/exit function is an indirect call target
2023-01-21 10:01:42 linux-kernel [tip: perf/core] perf/x86/uncore: Don't WARN_ON_ONCE() for a broken discovery table
2023-01-21 09:55:51 linux-kernel [tip: sched/core] exit: Detect and fix irq disabled state in oops
2023-01-21 09:55:26 linux-kernel [tip: perf/core] perf/x86/uncore: Factor out uncore_device_to_die()
2023-01-21 09:55:10 linux-kernel [tip: perf/core] perf/x86/uncore: Fix potential NULL pointer in uncore_get_alias_name
2023-01-21 09:54:27 linux-kernel [tip: perf/core] perf/x86/uncore: Ignore broken units in discovery table
2023-01-21 09:53:49 linux-kernel [tip: perf/core] perf/x86/uncore: Add a quirk for UPI on SPR
2023-01-19 23:17:30 linux-kernel [tip: x86/urgent] acpi: Fix suspend with Xen PV
2023-01-19 21:24:03 linux-kernel [tip: x86/fpu] x86/fpu: Replace zero-length array in struct xregs_state with flexible-array member
2023-01-19 16:52:31 linux-kernel [tip: x86/urgent] x86/sev: Add SEV-SNP guest feature negotiation support
2023-01-18 13:34:56 linux-kernel [tip: x86/microcode] x86/microcode: Use the DEVICE_ATTR_RO() macro
2023-01-18 13:16:24 linux-kernel [tip: perf/urgent] perf/x86/intel/cstate: Add Emerald Rapids
2023-01-18 13:13:23 linux-kernel [tip: perf/core] perf/core: Save the dynamic parts of sample data size
2023-01-18 13:09:46 linux-kernel [tip: perf/core] perf/core: Add perf_sample_save_callchain() helper
2023-01-18 13:08:11 linux-kernel [tip: perf/core] perf/core: Do not pass header for sample ID init
2023-01-18 12:38:45 linux-kernel [tip: perf/core] perf/core: Call perf_prepare_sample() before running BPF
2023-01-18 12:38:32 linux-kernel [tip: perf/core] perf/core: Add perf_sample_save_brstack() helper
2023-01-18 12:38:17 linux-kernel [tip: perf/core] perf/core: Add perf_sample_save_raw_data() helper
2023-01-18 12:37:39 linux-kernel [tip: perf/urgent] perf/x86/intel: Add Emerald Rapids
2023-01-18 12:37:10 linux-kernel [tip: irq/core] genirq/affinity: Only build SMP-only helper functions on SMP kernels
2023-01-18 12:36:50 linux-kernel [tip: perf/core] perf/core: Set data->sample_flags in perf_prepare_sample()
2023-01-18 12:35:33 linux-kernel [tip: sched/core] cpuidle: mvebu: Fix duplicate flags assignment
2023-01-18 12:35:22 linux-kernel [tip: perf/core] perf/core: Introduce perf_prepare_header()
2023-01-18 12:33:36 linux-kernel [tip: sched/core] cpuidle, arm64: Fix the ARM64 cpuidle logic
2023-01-18 00:08:52 linux-kernel [tip: x86/cpu] x86/cpu, kvm: Add the Null Selector Clears Base feature
2023-01-17 23:51:16 linux-kernel [tip: x86/cpu] x86/cpu, kvm: Propagate the AMD Automatic IBRS feature to the guest
2023-01-17 23:50:45 linux-kernel [tip: x86/cpu] x86/cpu, kvm: Move X86_FEATURE_LFENCE_RDTSC
2023-01-17 23:49:00 linux-kernel [tip: x86/cpu] x86/cpu, kvm: Add support for CPUID_80000021_EAX
2023-01-17 23:48:42 linux-kernel [tip: x86/cpu] x86/cpu, kvm: Add the NO_NESTED_DATA_BP feature
2023-01-17 23:47:14 linux-kernel [tip: x86/cpu] x86/cpu, kvm: Add the SMM_CTL MSR not present feature
2023-01-17 23:47:09 linux-kernel [tip: x86/cpu] x86/cpu: Support AMD Automatic IBRS
2023-01-17 22:40:18 linux-kernel [tip: irq/urgent] genirq/msi: Free the fwnode created by msi_create_device_irq_domain()
2023-01-17 19:42:13 linux-kernel [tip: irq/core] genirq/affinity: Rename irq_build_affinity_masks as group_cpus_evenly
2023-01-17 19:14:47 linux-kernel [tip: irq/core] genirq/affinity: Pass affinity managed mask array to irq_build_affinity_masks
2023-01-17 19:10:00 linux-kernel [tip: irq/core] genirq/affinity: Don't pass irq_affinity_desc array to irq_build_affinity_masks
2023-01-17 19:05:29 linux-kernel [tip: irq/core] genirq/affinity: Remove the 'firstvec' parameter from irq_build_affinity_masks
2023-01-17 18:31:24 linux-kernel [tip: irq/core] genirq/affinity: Move group_cpus_evenly() into lib/
2023-01-17 18:21:29 linux-kernel [tip: irq/core] blk-mq: Build default queue map via group_cpus_evenly()
2023-01-16 20:12:31 linux-kernel [tip: x86/urgent] x86/pci/xen: Set MSI_FLAG_PCI_MSIX support in Xen MSI domain
2023-01-16 19:49:23 linux-kernel [tip: x86/urgent] x86/pci/xen: Fixup fallout from the PCI/MSI overhaul
2023-01-16 17:59:06 linux-kernel [tip: x86/urgent] x86/i8259: Mark legacy PIC interrupts with IRQ_LEVEL
2023-01-16 09:39:49 linux-kernel [tip: sched/urgent] x86/aperfmperf: Erase stale arch_freq_scale values when disabling frequency invariance readings
2023-01-16 09:30:28 linux-kernel [tip: sched/urgent] sched/core: Fix NULL pointer access fault in sched_setaffinity() with non-SMP configs
2023-01-15 09:31:49 linux-kernel [tip: x86/cleanups] x86/signal: Fix the value returned by strict_sas_size()
2023-01-15 09:30:05 linux-kernel [tip: sched/core] sched/fair: Limit sched slice duration