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The Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML) is the main electronic mailing list for Linux kernel development. It is a very high-volume list, where the majority of the announcements, discussions and debates take place.
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Last post by Jens Wiklander
in [PATCH v3 07/12] optee: use driver internal tee_contex for some rpc
on 2022-01-25 23:10:02
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Last post by Vyacheslav Bocharov
in [PATCH v5 0/2] Bluetooth: hci_h5: btrtl: Add support for RTL8822CS hci_ver 0x08
on 2022-01-25 23:00:50
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Last post by Jason A. Donenfeld
in Re: [PATCH v2] lib/crypto: blake2s: avoid indirect calls to compression function for Clang CFI
on 2022-01-25 16:53:14
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Last post by Ameer Hamza
in [PATCH] ext4: handle unsuccessful sbi allocation
on 2022-01-25 17:39:20
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Last post by Linux Kernel Distribution System
in Linux kernel 5.17-rc1 released
on 2022-01-24 07:15:08
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Last post by Chuck Lever III
in Re: linux-next: runtime warning in next-20220125
on 2022-01-25 22:49:45
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Last post by Mike Lothian
in Re: [PATCH] mt76: mt7921e: fix possible probe failure after reboot
on 2022-01-25 20:05:30
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Last post by Chris PeBenito
in [refpolicy] [PATCH] xserver: Allow user fonts (and caches) to be mmap()ed.
on 2018-10-04 01:59:42
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Last post by Kenton Groombridge
in [PATCH 1/7] mcs: deprecate mcs overrides
on 2021-10-29 21:13:34