1999-01-07 13:07:19

by Alexey Kuznetsov

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Subject: Re: [PATCH] Fixes in ipv4 networking code

In article <[email protected]> you wrote:
: 1. "ip route get <SOMETHING>" never returns flowid. Fixed.
: 2. Flowid setting in rules doesn't work. Fixed.

These two fixes have been queued. I apologize, they are not very urgent
and, in any case, anyone using these features needs to patch kernel
with ftp://ftp.inr.ac.ru/ip-routing/kernel-ss*.dif.gz.

: 3. Routes with THROW flag doesn't work. Fixed.

Oops... Yes. Only the fix is wrong... Checking for 1 will terminate search,
when prespecified device is requested, which is certainly wrong.
Khm... The bug is very unpleasant... I'll think. Can you invent something
better than returning 2 instead of 1 in the case when fib_semantic_match
failure not because of throw?

: 4. Sometimes "ip route get <SOMETHING>" returns an unknown error code,
: looks like a very big number. Fixed.

Thank you!