2013-04-14 15:15:08

by Yeung

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Subject: Re: [PATCH v3 2/2] pps: new client driver using GPIO

Hi James,

I am a newbie to linux kernel device driver and would like to use this
client driver on my uClinux running on the NIOS2. Can you kindly point me to
the right direction, since I am using a device tree and believe this doesn't
support device tree, right? What do I need to add/modify so I can use a
input GPIO as a source? I saw a google post to add this code to (?? an
unknown) and then you need to call pps_init in the configuration routine (??
not sure what it mean)

/* PPS-GPIO platform data */
static struct pps_gpio_platform_data pps_gpio_info = {
.assert_falling_edge = false,
.capture_clear= false,

static struct platform_device pps_gpio_device = {
.name = "pps-gpio",
.id = -1,
.dev = {
.platform_data = &pps_gpio_info

static void pps_init(int evm_id, int profile)
int err;

err = platform_device_register(&pps_gpio_device);
if (err) {
pr_warning("Could not register PPS_GPIO device");

Thanks in advance for any help,