2002-09-24 20:30:49

by Jeff Garzik

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Subject: Re: [evlog-dev] Re: alternate event logging proposal

Larry Kessler wrote:
> Jeff Garzik wrote:
>>To address your more general point, a general way to notify interested,
>>credentialed (is that a word?) 3rd party processes of device events
>>would indeed be useful. Since such events are essential out-of-band
>>info, netlink might indeed be applicable.
> Event Logging has both a command and an API for apps in user-space to
> register for specific events (kernel or userspace). The user must have
> read access to the log file and the proper credentials in the allow/deny
> file scheme (that's modeled after crontab).

Ok. And? It sounds like event logging could possibly use netlink as
the event delivery mechanism.