2002-10-01 22:26:24

by walt

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Subject: 2.5.40 More on ppa.o (Zip Drive)

I'm now up and running with 2.5.40, thank you! No obvious IDE
problems so far--but it's very early yet.

I applied Gert Vervoort's patch to ppa.c which allowed the
compile to finish, but there is still a problem.

When I do a modprobe (or insmod) ppa I get a segfault from
insmod. [version 2.4.19/Debian testing]

The wierd part is that ppa seems to get loaded in spite
of the segfault, and it actually seems to work. I've
tried only reading the Zip so far--considering the error
message I didn't try writing to it.

A partial listing of the messages I see when loading ppa:

bad: scheduling while atomic! [series of hex numbers]
Call trace: [another series of hex numbers]
[repeat the above two steps]
Unable to handle kernel paging request at ....
[more messages including Oops: 0004]
process insmod exited with preempt_count 1
Segmentation fault.

Unfortunately these errors only print out on a
virtual terminal, not on an xterm, so I have to
copy them by hand. I can copy them more completely
if it would help.