2000-10-30 19:33:32

by Mirko.Klemm

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Subject: 2.4.0-test9 pppoe broken?

I just upgraded from test7 to test9, now the pppoe (to be precise, pppox on
which pppoe depends) module segfaults when loaded with modprobe the first
time, a second attempt causes lots of disk activity and eats up all processor
time, eventually locking me out of my system (no oops, though, so I guess
it's actually modprobe that crashes).
I use modutils 2.3.14, and I got pppox device nodes in my /dev on major 144
from a different pppox module, a third-party pppoe implementation that was
partly user and partly kernel based as opposed to the all-kernel 2.4.0
solution. As everything works fine with test7 I wonder what has changed in
test9. What could be wrong here? Any ideas?

Mirko Klemm

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