2002-10-07 19:36:36

by Adam Belay

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Subject: [ANNOUNCE][PATCH] Linux Plug and Play Layer V0.6 - 2.5.40

Linux Plug and Play Support V0.6

The included patch is essentially a Linux Plug and Play Support rewrite. It
contains many significant improvements, including the following:

1.) A Global Plug and Play Layer

- Now drivers do not have to worry about which plug and play protocol they are
using. Calls are made directly to the Linux Plug and Play Layer and then
forwarded to the appropriate protocol.

- This will make it very easy to integrate ACPI PnP support when it's ready

2.) A complete Plug and Play BIOS driver

- The Plug and Play BIOS now supports reading and writing of resource

- It is now possible to enable disabled PNPBIOS devices. Therefore the user can
safely enable PnP OS support in their BIOS.

3.) Driver Model Integration

- The entire plug and play layer is integrated into the driver model

- The user interface is housed here

- PnP protocols are listed under the bus "pnp"

4.) A powerful global resource configuration interface

- The user can use this to activate PnP devices for legacy and user-level

- To enable a device the user can type the following to the desired driverfs
# echo "auto" > resources

- To manually set resources type the following:
# echo "manual <depnum> <static/dynamic>" > resources
<depnum> = configuration number
<static> = for next boot
<dynamic> = now
# echo "manual 1 dynamic" > resources

- To disable a device type the following:
# echo "disable" > resources

5.) Automatic resource allocation for needed devices

6.) A PnP device name database

And many more improvements.

The code is relatively stable and I encourage anyone who's curious to try it
out. Currently only the serial driver has been converted to the new APIs but
that includes just about every modem. Patches to convert other drivers are
welcome. Feel free to send bug reports, questions, comments, etc.


PS: I'm now using a new mail system, my previous email address was
[email protected].

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