1999-01-18 17:32:43

by Alexander Kjeldaas

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Subject: International kernel patch v2.2.0-pre7.4

International kernel patch 2.2.0-pre7.4 is available. The idea of the
patch is to collect all crypto patches so that using crypto in the
kernel will be easier than today.

The patch is available from:


SUMMARY: Relative to the previously announced version (pre4.1), this
release contains faster/updated MARS/RC6/Serpent ciphers, better
module support, a lot of testvectors for some ciphers, a general
test-program for the crypto-library, and an updated ENskip patch.

NOTE: Please treat this patch as alpha software.

* Endian-issues haven't been sorted out. If some big-endian
people would try crypto/testing/testcip and the different
crypto/testing/test.<cipher> scripts I'd be happy. There
still are endian issues on i386.

* I have a report on kmod and the des cipher not working with
this patch.

* /proc support

* Compound transforms - Wassenaar-compatibility(tm). My
thoughts on this issue which amounts to putting a
specification language for transforms and a parser in the
kernel. The BNF-grammar for this language is ~6 lines.

* Create the necessary infrastructure for assembly-language

* Write 4-way IDEA cipher for MMX. IDEA is ideal for MMX and
a 4-way IDEA cipher using MMX would blow away the other
ciphers we have and at the same time be a well-known and
well-tested algorithm.

* Get CIPE to use the crypto library.

CHANGELOG since pre4.1:

1999-01-18 Alexander Kjeldaas <[email protected]>

* International kernel patch 2.2.0-pre7.4 released.

* Added cbc-mode to cast256 cipher.

* Removed spam on unload from crypto modules.

* Added updated ENskip patches from Frank Bernard's web site:

* International kernel patch 2.2.0-pre7.3 released.

* Added missing cleanup_module to DES, Blowfish and IDEA ciphers.

* International kernel patch 2.2.0-pre7.2 released.

* Cleanup in drivers/block/Config.in. It was possible to create
an invalid .config file.

* Minor crypto/api.c cleanup.

1999-01-17 Alexander Kjeldaas <[email protected]>

* International kernel patch 2.2.0-pre7.1 released.

* Added testcip.c - a general purpose cipher test program. Added
test-vector scripts for Blowfish, DES, Mars, and Serpent.

* Naming error left users unable to compile loop_gen unless it was
compiled as a module.

* Updated Serpent implementation. Sam Simpson has been running a
background task on a cluster of high performance servers. After a
search involving around 1000 machine hours improved sboxes were

* Updated RC6 implementation. Supposedly faster.

* Updated MARS implementation. Fixes a bug in mars_set_key.

1999-01-07 Alexander Kjeldaas <[email protected]>

* International kernel patch 2.2.0-pre5.1 released.
* Merged with vanilla 2.2.0-pre5

1999-01-05 Herbert Valerio Riedel <[email protected]>

* APX fixes.

On the ftp-site, the directory /pub/linux/kernel is a normal
kernel-mirror while /pub/linux/kerneli is a kernel-mirror plus the
international kernel patch. You should find all utilities needed for
using crypto in the kernel in /pub/linux/kerneli/net-source/.


Alexander Kjeldaas, Guardian Networks AS, Trondheim, Norway