1999-01-31 00:08:07

by Brian Macy

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Subject: Re: I want kerneld back..

Actually I discovered the problem just about an hour after my post. I looked
*really* close at RedHat's rc.sysinit script which appeared to be setup
properly for handling kmod versus kerneld. Basically what was broke was that
it wasn't running depmod -a on startup if kmod was enabled though it would
do everything else correctly. Since changing that worked I assume depmod
should be run at startup.

Brian Macy

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Subject: Re: I want kerneld back..

>Hi Brian,
>On Sat, 30 Jan 1999, Brian Macy wrote:
>> Actually I just want kmod to work. I've mentioned this since I started
>> 2.1.12? but all I get is read the FAQs/ChangeLog/kmod.txt. I have... it
>> don't help.
>> The best I've gotten kmod to do is *if* I build SCSI support as a module
>> and insmod scsi_mod manually in rc.local, It will load the tape, cdrom,
>> initio drivers automatically when accessed. I can't get it to work at all
>> with eth0/eth1 and when I compiled SCSI support into the kernel the tape,
>> cdrom, and initio drivers would no longer autoload.
>> Please help... I've been using modules (especially for ethernet and SCSI)
>> for years without problems but the 2.1.1* through 2.2.1 kernels have just
>> got me beat.
>Do you have any error messages? What happens when you try to load the
>SCSI support. If no modules are loaded, you really should be seeing in
>the syslog something to the effect of "Module xxxx could not be loaded".
>While I don't have modular SCSI on any of my systems, I do have module
>support compiled for SCSI cdroms, and generic SCSI access, and these seem
>to work smoothly. I'm truly surprised that autoloading of ethernet
>modules fails - again, can we see some clips of the syslog? Also, can we
>see a copy of your /etc/conf.modules (or modules.conf, which ever one you
>use). These will be helpful in tracking down your problems.
>> I'm using modutils-2.1.121, kerneld is not running, echo "/sbin/modprobe"
>> /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe is being done, kmod is built into the kernel,
>> conf.modules doesn't need to change (at least from what I've read).
>Looks like you're up to date, WRT the packages.
>> Brian Macy
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