1999-01-31 00:08:18

by Gregory Maxwell

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Subject: Re: CMI-8338/Pci SoundPro

As an update to my own message..
This card comes with a 2k dos com file which sets the dma/int/irq for sb16
compatibility. I dont think it's a TSR.

I dont have a copy of dos around here and I can't mount my freedos image
to put the file there (dont have msdos kernel module.. :) )... I'm
reasonable sure I can just disassemble this executable and find the ports
it plays with.. :)

It should then work (though without the fancy features).

On Sat, 30 Jan 1999, Gregory Maxwell wrote:

> Is there currently any work on supporting the CMI8338 PCI sound chip?
> This sound chip support 4ch analog out, 2 chanel 24bit S/PDIF in/out, and
> various other nicities. It's ISA cousin was well supported in Linux (via
> the stock SB16 drive). Probably the nicest feature of this card is it's
> price: You can get these cards for $20 (with nice RCA S/PDIF output).
> The page claims that it has legacy SB16 support via on board ISA DMA
> emulaton (which supposdity works under real dos). I havn't gotten it
> working under Linux yet, but I only spent about 5 seconds trying so far.
> I'd like to see native support for it (to be able to use the full 24bit
> output, and all four channels), and I'd imagine that the company should be
> fairly open w/ specs.
> http://www.cmedia.com.tw/e_news3.htm
> Thanks for any pointers.
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