2000-11-01 03:12:22

by Jens Axboe

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Subject: release: packet-0.0.2d


I've just uploaded a new release of the packet writing patch, this time
against the 2.4.0-test10 kernel. The bugs fixes that I've actually
cared/remembered to write down are:

- (scsi) use implicit segment recounting for all hba's
- fix speed setting, was consistenly off on most drives
- only print capacity when opening for write
- fix off-by-two error in getting/setting write+read speed (affected
reporting as well as actual speed used)
- possible to enable write caching on drive
- do ioctl marshalling on sparc64 from Ben Collins <[email protected]>
- avoid unaligned access on flags, should have been unsigned long of course
- fixed missed wakeup in kpacketd
- b_dev error (two places)
- fix buffer head b_count bugs
- fix hole merge bug, where tail could be added twice
- fsync and invalidate buffers on close
- check hash table for buffers first before using our own
- add read-ahead
- fixed several list races
- fix proc reporting for more than one device
- change to O_CREAT for creating devices
- added media_change hook
- added free buffers config option
- pkt_lock_tray fails on failed open (and oopses), remove it. unlock
is done explicitly in pkt_remove dev anyway.
- added proper elevator insertion (should probably be part of elevator.c)
- moved kernel thread info to private device, spawn one for each writer
- added separate buffer list for dirty packet buffers
- fixed nasty data corruption bug
- remember to account request even when we don't gather data for it
- add ioctl to force wakeup of kernel thread (for debug)
- fixed packet size setting bug on zero detected
- changed a lot of the proc reporting to be more readable to "humans"
- set full speed for read-only opens

People wanting to give it a go, should also remember to update their
UDF cvs tree (CDRW branch) and install new cdrwtool and pktsetup

Interoperability with DirectCD has been tested, and that seems to work.

Bugs / success stories (yeah right) should be repoted to the
packet-writing list.


* Jens Axboe <[email protected]>
* SuSE Labs