2000-11-01 03:46:15

by Jeff Dike

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Subject: user-mode port 0.32-2.4.0-test10

The user-mode port of 2.4.0-test10 is available.

The stack overflows seen in test9 are fixed. The stack is now allocated as
four pages, the top two used as a kernel stack, the third is inaccessible and
acts as a guard page, and the lowest page contains the task structure.

Host devices can again be mounted inside the virtual machine. This was broken
a few releases ago when I made the block driver check io requests against the
device size.

It will no longer crash if the main console is not a terminal.

I fixed a race which was causing strange kernel memory faults.

In the sources (the patch and cvs), but not the binaries, there is the
beginning of a hostfs filesystem. This gives you access to the host root
filesystem. Doing 'mount none /wherever -t hostfs' will mount the host root
filesystem on /wherever. Right now, you can mount it and cd into it, but ls
will crash the kernel.

The project's home page is http://user-mode-linux.sourceforge.net

The project's download page is http://sourceforge.net/project/filelist.php?grou