2000-10-17 00:12:05

by Jeff Merkey

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Subject: MANOS/Ute-Linux mailing List problems

For you guys on the manos-kernel/ute-linux mailing lists, the reason the
list has not been sending out emails for the past week is due some
employees internal at Novell playing games with our servers. What
appears to be going on is they have registered several bogus email
addresses with bogus domains that point to MX records that route through
these bogus domains back into MX -> prv-mx.provo.novell.com.

They apparantley setup the DNS entries incorrectly, which is causing the
buggy NetWare/Groupwise DNS servers at Novell to hang when a connection
is opened to port 25 on their primary mail exchanger, and an email loop
to form back to majordomo, which has resulted in majordomo freezing up
during bulk resend (because majordomo fills up the entire disk with the
same messages. The /var/spool/mqueue diretory appears to still have all
the emails posted and as soon as we disable routing to Novell's DNS mail
exchangers, the messages will repost.

We apologize for the list problems, and will have it back up later this