1999-02-05 12:23:11

by Hauke

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Subject: ACL-Support for Ext2


We fixed some bugs in the ACL support for ext2 from Remy Card found on tsx-11.

Based on linux-2.1.99-ext2fs-0.6alpha3-wip11.diff we built a newpatch for the
linux-2.2.0-pre9-kernel. Also we fixed some bugs in aclutils-0.1.tar.gz. At
last we applied the e2fsprogs-1.12-WIP-acl-support.patch on e2fsprogs-1.14 and
made a change in pass1.c so that the blocks used for acl?s are checked by
e2fsck. We built a system with ACL support that seems to work (with some

At the moment we are working on our own, but would like to get into contact
with anyone working on the same.

You can get our results from


Hauke Steenbock
Matthias Riese