1999-03-08 16:55:28

by Kamran Karimi

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Subject: DIPC development invitation

Hi Everybody,

I publicly invite all the people interested in distributed systems
development to start working on DIPC (Distributed Inter-Process
Communication) in any way they see fit. This could be porting DIPC to
as-yet unsupported processors, adding features to increase its
performance/security/availability/etc. or even using the code (or ideas) in
other related projects.

There can be different "flavours" of DIPC, with different trade-offs
like using link libraries for DIPC's messages and semaphores. In this
example, we are asking the programmer to use a link library but at the
same time avoiding a (costly) round-trip in and out of the kernel.

Consider it a test bed for further experiments (academical or commercial),
and don't worry about my copyright notices in the code (but do acknowledge
the roots! :-)

Maybe there will be a DIPC II with much more goodies (and different

-Kamran Karimi