2000-11-03 20:25:29

by Jeff Merkey

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Subject: 2.2.18pre19 RPC NFS Errors/2.4.0 Lockup


The 2.2.18pre-19 build does not reproduce this problem with NFS RPC
timeouts, and Andre has merged his patches for our next release, and I
am unable to reproduce it. In fact, it's running great. I did have
NDS eDirectory installed on this box when I saw the problem, and without
this software loaded, it seems to be gone. I think it may be related to
eDirectory in some way (top is reporting some busy process in
eDirectory). I held off posting the release to reverify the 2.2.18pre18
problems, and to get Andre's patches into the release. We will go out
with 2.2.18pre-19 at this point.

Also, I am seeing a lockup on 2.4.0-10 with uniprocessor PPro systems
with SMP enabled, but it runs great on a 4xPPro system with SMP (???).
I rebuilt with SMP=N and it also ran great. One for H. Peter Anvin I
think ....