2000-11-03 20:33:29

by Chris Swiedler

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Subject: include fb.h from userland?

I understand that the headers in /usr/include/linux shouldn't be overwritten
by new kernel installs. But can someone elaborate on Linus's original
(http://kernelnotes.org/lnxlists/linux-kernel/lk_0007_04/msg00881.html)? Am
I never, ever, ever allowed to update my system headers for the rest of my
life, or is it only if I follow some particular procedure, such as
recompiling glibc?

The reason I want to upgrade my system headers is that framebuffer
development requires linux/fb.h to be included from userland (I see no way
around that). The version of fb.h in my system headers is 2.2.5, the distro
version I originally installed. I'm running 2.2.17 kernel now, which has
much newer fb.h which I need.