1999-07-19 07:32:03

by Linus Torvalds

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Subject: Fake emails from "Linus"

Just a heads-up: somebody is sending out fake emails that claim to be from
me, and that have me endorsing the Java client for Seti@Home.

The reason I know somebody is faking emails is that I got a bounce from
one of them.

If somebody on the kernel list gets a message that claims to be from
"Linus Torvalds <[email protected]>" with a subject line of
"Seti@Home user interface", it is fake.

I'd like to see the full headers from such a message, to see if it shows
where it is really originating from: the bounced message does not contain
the original headers..

I assume it is a mass-posting trying to market Seti@Home or the particular
client in question, and I'm not all that amused.


PS. Although I have to admit that the first line brought a grin: "Being
the awesome Linux stud that I am.."