1999-07-20 10:32:38

by Heinz Mauelshagen

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Subject: *** Announcement: Linux Storage Management Workshop 6/7.9.1999 ***

Darmstadt Linux Storage Management Workshop

Dates: September 6-7, 1999
(two days prior to the 6th International Linux-Kongress
being held in Augsburg, Germany -- http://www.linux-kongress.de/ --
Augsburg is a 4 hours journey by rail from Darmstadt)

Location: T-Nova Entwicklungszentrum Darmstadt
(formerly Deutsche Telekom) facilities,
Darmstadt, Germany
Otto-Roehm-Str. 71c
64293 Darmstadt
(a 30km ride from Franfurt Rhein-Main airport)

A key enabler for Linux in the enterprise is storage management
software (SMS), including journaled file systems, logical volume
managers, RAID software, backup and recovery utilities,
and storage networking infrastructure. The energetic Linux
hacker community has been very active in this area, and
has recently been joined by large OEMs like SGI and HP
and storage management software specialists like Veritas.

In this 2-day workshop we propose to review the current
state-of-the-art in SMS software. We hope to attract leading
developers from the Linux hacker community as well as these
leading OEMs. We believe that SMS in Linux is evolving
very rapidly, and that Linux limitations in this area are
being addressed. Leading users are exploiting Linux for
managing large storage systems, and their experience will help
lead the way to future improvements.

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The Workshop Organizers

Matthew O'Keefe Heinz Mauelshagen
University of Minnesota T-Nova
[email protected] [email protected]
http://www.globalfilesystem.org http://linux.msede.com