2000-11-05 01:28:25


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Subject: APM related hardware locking


I found that Linux 2.4.x got locking with apm.o and yenta_socket.o
since yenta driver was there. But, someone has reported another apm.o
related locking. I don't know about why this problem causes and who
works for this.

So, I want more infomations, i.e. situation, position, timing and so on.
Tell me these if you know.

I know a locking situation:
* apm.o and yenta_socket.o are loaded and scan devices.
* `cat /proc/apm` or something that causes calling apm_bios_call().
-> hardware locking. Nothing except turn off with the power switch.

Any infos welcome. Thanks.

A.Yoshiyama <[email protected]>