1999-07-22 02:19:00

by Dancer

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Subject: Re: Device naming???

"Theodore Y. Ts'o" wrote:
> The other solution for avoiding problems if a specific SCSI drive fails
> to spin up is to use entries in /etc/fstab of the following form:
> LABEL=tmp /tmp ext2 defaults 1 2
> UUID=3a30d6b4-08a5-11d3-91c3-e1fc5550af17 /usr ext2 defaults 1 2
> The latest mount supports this, as does the very latest e2fsprogs
> release (1.15, just released this week; see the e2fsprogs page at
> http://web.mit.edu/tytso/www/linux/e2fsprogs.html).

Where's the UUID stored? On the drive? Wouldn't this cause problems with
systems involving hot-swap drives? (Ie: If a scratch drive fails (as
many have), and I go 'eek!', swap it and reboot, the drive UUID would be
different and I'd also have to edit the fstab, right?)

Just checking...for my own information.