1999-08-09 01:42:36

by Kamran Karimi

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Subject: DIPC 2.0-pre3


I am currently preparing version 2.0 of DIPC (http://wallybox.cei.net/dipc).
It has been tested under i386 and to a lesser extent under PowerPC
processors. MIPS and Alpha are also supported, but due to lack of
equipment, they have not been tested yet.

DIPC 2.0 handles its Distributed Shared Memory (DSM) subsystem
completely different from previous versions: It no longer swaps out the
pages. This has resulted in a considerable increase in the speed of DSM
operations, and DIPC can now be easily used in clusters of diskless
workstations. The kernel patch of DIPC has also become clean and simpler.

You can grab dipc-2.0-pre3.tgz from orion.cs.uregina.ca /pub/dipc (You
can check this place from time to time for updates). Please test it and
let me know about the success or failures, especially if you have Alpha
or MIPS machines.

Kamran Karimi