2000-11-06 16:31:23

by Brad Corsello

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Subject: Re: PROBLEM: kernel oops on boot in 2.4.0 test10

> >> Trace; c0194d36 <isapnp_proc_attach_device+36/94>
> >Do you have any ISAPNP cards in your system?
> Yes, a Soundblaster AWE64 that has never given me any problems. I tried
> booting
> test10 and test1 with that card pulled, and they both still oopsed on boot.

Jeff, I recompiled test10 with all kernel ISA PNP options disabled, and it
booted. But I also upgraded binutils to ver 2.10, (which I know is bad for
for bug
hunting, but I wanted to get this system up ASAP). So I guess the conclusion
to draw is that there *may* be a bug in the kernel ISA PNP code. In any
event, this no longer appears to be a problem for me (assuming I get the user
PNP stuff to work), and no one else has reported this problem (that I am aware
of). Many thanks for your insights.